November 15, 2022 at 9:00am - 10:30am

United Way Kick Off and Presidents' Breakfast

Labour leaders from Peel, Toronto & York Regions come together to support the 2022 United Way Greater Toronto Community Campaign.

When: Tue, Nov 15 2022, 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM EDT
Where: 1377 Lawrence Avenue East. Toronto, ON M3A 3P8

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About this event

Join us for breakfast! Be inspired by leaders in the labour movement who come united to help our communities thrive and support the 2022 United Way Greater Toronto Community Fundraising Campaign.

While some of us may feel that the worst of the pandemic is over, our communities are still feeling its significant impact. Life in Peel, Toronto, and York was already hurtling towards extreme inequality—divided by income, race, and neighbourhood. Then COVID-19 hit, accelerating and escalating those divisions—pushing people into the edge of poverty, homelessness, and unemployment. We know that the only way we can get closer to food, jobs, homes, and the kind of region we know we can be – for truly everyone – is by working together, united.

Together, labour’s long-standing partnership with United Way Greater Toronto, has worked side-by-side in tackling issues of poverty and advocating for social justice. We invite you to join us for the annual Presidents' Breakfast to ignite the partnership we have and get excited about raising essential funds for our communities. 

In 2021-22, United Way raised $100.7 million through campaign revenue activities and supported 700 community groups delivered by a network of over 300 agencies. This year, UWGT's goal is to raise $110 million. We believe that together, we can raise a minimum of $40,000 during our President's Breakfast alone! If at least 40 unions donate a minimum of $1000, we'll reach our goal! Every thing counts and all donations are greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Donations go towards the 2022 United Way Greater Toronto Community Campaign (excluding fees).


Jinky David, Executive Board Member, Toronto & York Region Labour Council


Lily Chang, Secretary Treasurer, Canadian Labour Congress

Andria Babbington, President, Toronto & York Region Labour Council

Ram Selvarajah, President, Peel Regional Labour Council

Faduma Mohamed, Executive Director, LCS (Toronto)

Navi Aujla, Executive Director, LCS (Peel)

Daniele Zanotti, President, United Way Greater Toronto



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