11 January, 2023 6:33 PM

2023 Toronto City Budget Information, Events and Actions

As City of Toronto releases its budget for the upcoming year, we urge you to join us in calling on the city to prioritize the needs of workers and marginalized populations, invest in affordable housing, public transit, job training programs and other public services.

The 2023 budget includes nearly $50 million for more police and additional funding for TTC security while cutting TTC service and increasing fares. That’s just the beginning of budget gaps and holes. What shocking disregard for the real needs of Torontonians. As working people we want better and bolder ideas for workers and our communities. 

This year, because of new super Mayor powers, John Tory will present his own budget after the public has seen and commented on the staff-presented budget. Your comments and participation matter now more than ever. By making a submission, individuals and organizations have the opportunity to advocate for their priorities and ensure that their voices are heard.

Please make sure to send your written comments to the same email  [email protected] before Jan 24You can visit here for more information. 

Other Information, Events and Actions:  

The Toronto & York Region Labour Council represents the interests of 220,000 working people in the city and is concerned about the current budget proposal for the city. The budget prioritizes policing and infrastructure repairs over poverty reduction and addressing equity and racism issues. We are concerned about the proposed 9% reduction in TTC service, which would result in job losses, and the creeping privatization and "alternative financing" schemes that could damage the city's commitment to being a good employer. We suggested the city use more revenue tools, such as progressive taxes, to invest in a more liveable city. Please watch our speech at the Budget Committee deputation on Jan 17, 2023 om YouTube.

Alejandra Bravo is the Councillor for Davenport and a member of the Board of Health and Budget Committee. Her article "Toronto’s budget fails to address our most urgent crisis" was published by The Star this week. Read it here.

Stay posted for more targeted opportunities to have your say!

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