2022 Municipal Election

Together We Will Build Liveable Cities

Toronto & York Region Labour Council’s election program for Toronto 2022 combines the key issues that matter to working people for their city government and school boards. 




Our Labour Council delegates proudly endorsed the following candidates for the 2022 Municipal and School Board Trustee Election. Tap below to jump to a specific candidate.


Toronto City Council Candidates
Charles Ozzoude Amber Morley
Gord Perks Chiara Padovani
Anthony Perruzza Alejandra Bravo
Ausma Malik Norm Di Pasquale
Chris Moise Paula Fletcher
David Ricci Stephen Ksiazek
Shelley Carroll Jamaal Myers


TDSB Trustee Candidates
Matias De Dovitiis Angela Brandt
Lanny Ferreira Debbie King
Alexis Dawson Deborah Williams
James Li Sara Ehrhardt
Neethan Shan Guled Arale
Zakir Patel Manna Wong
Yalini Rajakulasingam


TCDSB Trustee Candidates
Gianfranco Cristiano Frank D'Amico
Cameron Miranda-Radbord Daniel Di Giorgio


You can visit the page here to see a list by Ward and each city council candidate's campaign website information. 

Please visit the page here to check the list by Ward and each TDSB and TCDSB Trustee candidate's campaign website information. 

Living in GTA? You might want to know which candidates Peel Region, Durham Region and Hamilton Region Labour Councils have endorsed. Here is a quick guide to check their endorsements:

Toronto City Council Candidates

Ozzoude's Facebook 

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TDSB Trustee Candidates

De Dovitiis' Facebook 

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Ferreira's Facebook 

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Miranda-Radbord's Facebook 

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You can also check the information on our social media platforms.

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Check our 2022 Summer Labour Action's back cover, "Never Have I ever" City Election Edition! Click the image above to read the pdf version. You can also access this digital issue here!


Our Labour movement works hard to improve the quality of life for the people of this city. That quality of life is built on a foundation of strong public services for every neighbourhood, and programs that sustain healthy communities. We depend on those who work both on the front lines and in supporting roles. Those workers deserve fair wages and working conditions. The city also has valuable public assets which need to be defended.

COVID highlighted existing inequities entrenched in our systems. Throughout the pandemic, the Labour movement advocated and fought at the City level to protect and respect frontline workers, sustain those who lost their jobs or gave up careers to care for family and support those who shifted to working from home while balancing family responsibilities. As well, labour has addressed a heightened awareness of racism following the deaths of Canadians and Americans at the hands of police. It is also grappling with climate change, as we insist on climate justice while we bring our environment to net zero. 

The Labour Council produces a report card every four years based on voting records and leadership demonstrated by the current City Council members. In addition, they are assessed on their stand on crucial issues. COVID made the last two-and-a-half years an unusual point in time, where we saw the Mayor taking a more even-handed approach than previously. The report card reflects that. 

Please click here to read the City Council Report Card 2018-2022.


The municipal election day for Toronto is Monday, October 24, 2022. Advance voting days are October 7-14.



Thursday, September 1
Applications for mail-in voting packages will open online and by phone.
Toronto Elections will start accepting revisions to the voters’ list.

Friday, September 23
The deadline to apply for mail-in voting by 4:30 p.m.
Last day to add, change or update your voters’ list information online through MyVote.

Friday, October 21
Toronto Elections must receive completed packages by October 21, 2022 at noon (12 p.m.).

Friday, October 7 - Friday, October 14
Advance Voting Days

Monday, October 24
Election Day

All 9 municipalities in York Region have advanced polls & some have online voting options! As early vote deadlines are approaching, visit your region's election page to find out more! Get out and VOTE!

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