27 March, 2017 9:00 AM

Chinese-Language Podcast On Workers’ Rights & Work Issues

The Toronto & York Region Labour Council (TYRLC) launched a Chinese Workers' Podcast channel to reach workers in the ethnic economy, whose limited proficiency in English prevents them from knowing their labour rights (www.chineselabour.ca/radio).

By sharing the stories of Chinese workers facing harsh workplace exploitation, workers can know that they are not alone in their struggles. Instead of saying any job is better than no job as how most immigrants console themselves, they can mobilize to find solutions, learning their rights and from each other.” said Jennifer Huang, Senior Organizer with TYRLC.

Four unions, United Steelworkers District 6, UNITE HERE Local 75, SEIU Healthcare, and Unifor National provided the seed funding to make this project possible. Phase2 of this project will be a Chinese workers' hotline whereby workers can call in, inquire and get advice on their workplace problems. Currently, podcast episodes are released every Wednesday focusing on different topics and issues, such as health and safety, women’s issues at work, and the Ontario Changing Workplace Review.

The first few episodes are linked below:

Ontario Changing Workplace Review & why we should care about it: https://youtu.be/EBRbiQjIXZ0

On Health & Safety at work: https://youtu.be/Gd7JJhfR_TQ On

Women's Issues at workplace and domestic violence: https://youtu.be/13g0eK970Uw

For the full episodes and a view of all our shows (released weekly), check out www.chineselabour.ca/radio

The Toronto and York Region Labour Council is a central labour body that combines the strength of over 150 local unions representing 205,000 women and men and who work in every sector of the economy.

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