The Fight for Education

Massive crowd gathers at Queen's Park

The Ford government has announced massive cuts to school budgets that will result in thousands of teachers being laid off, classes overstuffed with kids, fewer course options, and worse education outcomes overall.  Ontario's five education unions are leading thousands of people in the resistance.

Education has and will always be the bedrock of how we progress in society. With the Ford Government in power that foundation is being undermined. Recently the Minister announced dramatic changes to Ontario’s education system, including increases to class sizes and mandatory online learning in secondary schools.

The Toronto & York Region Labour Council is committed to working with the education unions (ETFO, OSSTF, OECTA, CUPE 4400, and AEFO) to confront the government's attacks on education and to build solidarity across labour for a strong fight.  We applaud their leadership in organizing the Rally for Education on April 5 which resulted in 30,000 educators, students, parents, and their allies gathering on the lawns of Queen's Park to stand up to the bad policies and bullying tactics of the Ford government.

Take Action!

The Labour Council joined with education workers and the OFL on April 17 in local

actions in 30 schools and 18 ridings.  Below are some photos from that day.

Check back soon for more upcoming actions!

Stay Informed


Statement on Cuts to Education


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