Public Education Cuts Begin Hitting Home

Our children and grandchildren need access to quality public education to succeed in life and to participate fully and equitably in society.

Giving our kids the best chance in life can only happen if our education system is set up for success. That means creating safe school environments with smaller classrooms where every learner can thrive. It means treating school staff fairly so they can focus on being caring adults who help our kids thrive.


The Conservative government’s education cuts are irresponsible and short-sighted. Their plan will permanently remove 10,000 teachers from classrooms. Their unwillingness to bargain in good faith is already putting pressure on 55,000 CUPE education workers – workers who make, on average, just $38,000 a year. No one is buying the government’s claim that our schools must suffer to resolve their manufactured fiscal crisis.

The drive to impose cuts to teaching and support staff, to school infrastructure, to educational supports, and to operating budgets of school boards will do irreparable harm. At the same time this government is enabling massive expansion of private schools, which promise smaller class sizes and individual achievement.

Unions now bargaining for fair contracts are the front lines standing up to these cuts. They are demanding that classrooms remain open, that proper staffing is in place, that programs for students protected, and that employees and students are able to work and learn in a safe environment. 

We call on everyone to support the struggle of education workers as they defend publicly funded education and fair conditions for their work.


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