07 January, 2022 3:03 PM

January Statements

On January 6, 2022, the Toronto & York Region Labour Council adopted the following statements:

1. The Ford Government Just Doesn't Work for Workers

In which Labour Council resolves to:

  1. Call on the provincial government to protect injured workers by:
    o Repealing the WSIB schedule in Bill 27,
    o Instructing WSIB to stop deeming/phantom jobs, and
    o Making the regulations set out under WSIA s 83(4) to hold client companies of temporary help agencies liable for WSIB premiums based on experience ratings of
    injuries, accidents and deaths of the company’s temporary help agency workers (rather than the temp agency bearing that liability)
  2. Call on the provincial government to protect gig and app-based workers by:
    o Applying employment standards universally and eliminating exceptions and special categories that restrict worker rights;
    o Proactively addressing the misclassification of workers as independent contractors and reversing the legal onus so employers must prove a worker is not an employee and is
    truly an independent contractor; and
    o Ensuring all workers have the right to organize into a union should they choose and making that right meaningful by addressing barriers to organizing.
  3. Support a $20 minimum wage
  4. Continue to demand 10 paid sick days for all workers, the repeal of Bill 124, and the
    reinstatement of the ESA improvements cancelled by Ford in 2018
  5. Collaborate with labour and community allies to educate affiliates and ask them to educate
    their members on the truth of Doug Ford’s assaults and minimizing of workers’ rights
  6. Call on affiliates to urge their members to remember on June 4, 2022 – election day – how
    Doug Ford’s Conservatives tried to deceive them

2. TransformTO: Toronto's Heavy Lifting for the Planet

In which Labour Council resolves to:

  1. Endorse the latest TransformTO Net Zero Plan and work with unions in every sector to help achieve its goals
  2. Convene a network of union representatives to engage with the City of Toronto, and look to expand this approach to York Region, local school boards and other public institutions.
  3. Support Working Green 2050 to provide training and assistance for union activists engaged in sectoral or workplace emissions reduction efforts
  4. Call on the federal government to mandate sectoral joint emissions reduction committees to ensure workers are at the table - in a Just Transition to a net zero future.

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