November 12, 2022 at 1:00pm - 4pm

Join the Climate Voice Rally - This Crisis Demands Action

With very little time left to take real action to prevent and mitigate the worst that climate change will bring, the labour movement joins with others to demand significant changes by governments and business.

  • Canada must step up and do its fair share
  • We must uphold global solidarity and human rights, and respect Indigenous sovereignty
  • Its time to phase out fossil fuels with a just transition – and there is no room for false solutions

In Ontario, in the past couple of weeks, the Conservative government has cancelled a contract with Hydro Quebec for clean power. Instead, it is about to give sweet-heart contracts to energy companies to build new climate-busting gas plants that will pay those companies past 2035, when we are scheduled not to use any gas.

Take action NOW! The world is calling for climate justice, and we must stop Ford. So join our march beginning at Matt Cohen Park, on Nov 12, and spread the word to protect our environment together.

When: Saturday, Nov 12, at 1pm
Where: Matt Cohen Park, 393 Bloor St W, Toronto. (map)


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