16 June, 2021 1:03 PM

June 2021 Policy Updates

On June 3, 2021, the Toronto and York Region Labour Council adopted two new policy statements.

In the first, titled, "Justice for Migrant Sex Workers," the Labour Council resolved to:

  1. Continue to stand in solidarity with sex workers, including migrant sex workers, and sex worker advocates by supporting the full decriminalization of sex work which, among other things, will afford all sex workers access to full rights including labour and employment rights.
  2. Stand in solidarity with migrant sex workers and advocates such as Butterfly (Asian and Migrant Sex Workers Support Network) in their work challenging the use of immigration, policing and anti-trafficking policies and programs on migrants engaged voluntarily in sex work.


In the second policy statement, entitled, "Rise Up for A Just Recovery," states in part:

"To make changes that will positively impact all communities, we need to grow our political power and political consciousness across all workers. To mobilize for better working and living conditions, we need to reach workers who are beaten down, and show them that organizing their workplace and voting can change their lives. To positively effect change, we need the trifecta: union power, political power, and community power.

Over our 150 year history those who came before us showed that they could organize, sometime against impossible odds, and win. Let’s draw on those lessons as we rise up to demand a just recovery for all. This Labour Day we may not be marching on the streets, but we should honour the spirit of that day by getting into fighting shape for the crucial struggles ahead."


Click each link above to read the new policy statements in full now. You can also view all policy statements published by the Labour Council right here

Earlier in this same meeting, the Toronto and York Region Labour Council held the inauguration ceremony for its new president, Andria Babbington. You can watch the video of her swearing in on our YouTube channel.

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