23 February, 2021 7:27 AM

Labour 150: Shape Our Story





Our story began on the land of Indigenous peoples, forged by those who came from around the world as immigrants and refugees to build this country's largest urban centre, each generation learning that to earn a fair share of the prosperity they create, they need collective voice and action


Our 150th Anniversary is about celebrating, sharing and learning from our story. We need a logo that we can display proudly when we march through the streets over the coming year and mark our place for the next 150 years. The logo should identify, inspire and inform. It can be profound or playful, but it needs to reflect our story. We are hoping for entries that are colourful or monochrome, but also modern, sleek and a fresh feel. Please keep in mind that this logo will be used in a wide variety of media, so it crucial that the logo (or components of the logo) are equally effective as a social media avatar, as they would be as a professional letterhead or website banner.

The contest is open to anyone who lives, works or plays in Toronto & York Region. It should clearly identify the Toronto & York Region Labour Council and include “Working for Justice since 1871” and “150 years.” All entries must include a 200 word statement that explains the design.

Update: While we had been previously hinted at being inspired by the Thunderbird Bridge over the Humber River, the incorporation of the bridge design is no longer a critical element of the logo.

Full Rules & Regulations:

• Prize: The chosen logo designer will receive a $500 cash prize.

• All participants can submit up to two (2) logos in (.png), (.jpg) or (.pdf)-format file not larger than 3MB. It should be optimized for social media (square).

• All participants should provide a text of less than 200 words that explains the logo.

• Participants should include their full names and contact information (cellphone and email) in the submission with the heading “Labour 150 Logo Contest” by Monday, March 1st at 12:00 p.m.

• The logo should include: “150 years”, “working for justice since 1871” and identify the Toronto

& York Region Labour Council

• Labour Council colour codes: #A02620, #443477, #F7CA3C, #292e71 but slight variations to these colour codes are acceptable.

• The winning logo will be chosen in consultation with delegates, the public and the TYRLC

Executive Board.

• The logo must be original and must not have received any previous awards.

• Logo design for this competition cannot give rise to any further claim for financial


• The designer waives any copyright in their design once submitted. TYRLC may use the design at its discretion, and reserves the right to determine which entries it displays.




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