09 February, 2019 9:00 PM

Labour Council Statement on Venezuela

The Toronto and York Region Labour Council adopted the following statement on the situation in Venezuela:

"The Toronto & York Region Labour Council is deeply concerned by the recent actions of the Government of Canada in escalating the crisis in Venezuela.

Contrary to our obligation to respect the United Nations Charter principles of sovereignty and non-intervention in State affairs, Canada has joined leaders of the United States and Brazil to endorse opposition leader Juan Guaidó after he declared himself interim President of Venezuela. This follows a pattern of Canadian intervention against the elected President Nicolás Maduro, questioning his legitimacy in a way that has never been done to the autocratic regimes in the Middle East, Africa, Asia or Latin America.  

It is clear that President Trump plans the escalation of interference in oil-rich Venezuela, including the possibility of military intervention. Labour rejects any militarized solution to this crisis. The people of Latin America have not forgotten the horrific history of military rule in the region, and the Canadian people have always opposed the brutal dictatorships which were supported by U.S. interests throughout the Americas. 

Outside intervention is intensifying political divisions and inflaming tensions in the country. The Government of Canada must abstain from seeking regime change and intervening in the sovereign affairs of Venezuela. Canada’s role on the world stage should promote stability through constructive dialogue with the international community. Labour Council stands in solidarity with the Venezuelan people and supports their right to peaceful self-determination."

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