November 16, 2019 at 9:00am - December 02, 2019

Leadership Institute 2019

The Institute runs over two weekends. The first weekend, November 16-17, will be held in Toronto. The second weekend, November 30-December 1, will include an overnight stay at the Mono Cliffs Outdoor Education Centre in Caledon.

Objective of the Leadership Institute

To develop leaders who will be able to:

  • MOBILIZE WORKERS in the workplace around key issues such as bargaining goals, defense of jobs, or worker rights;
  • ANALYZE THE FORCES at play and the challenges for workers in their sector;
  • RECRUIT ACTIVISTS for broader collective campaigns of the union or labour movement;
  • ACTIVELY WORK for an equity agenda within their union;
  • GENERATE SUPPORT for their union's engagement in political action;
  • FULFILL THE RESPONSIBILITY of reaching out to unrepresented workers either in their sector or their community;
  • CONTRIBUTE TO BUILDING the solidarity of workers at local, national and international levels.

Who should attend?

The Institute will be an intensive learning experience that is based on the extensive experience of participants and facilitators. Therefore, successful applicants will be those who have held a union office or other position of responsibility, or otherwise been active in the union or related community and/or social justice work such as organizing drives, campaigns, etc. Because the goal of the Institute is to build skills among emerging labour leaders and activists, workers of colour, women, and youth are encouraged to apply.

How to Apply

The Institute will be limited to 18-25 participants to provide a quality of learning experience and to encourage relationship-building.

Please complete the registration package and send it to Toronto & York Region Labour council, 15 Gervais Dr. Suite 407, Toronto ON  M3C 1Y8, or send by fax to 416-445-8405, or by email to [email protected].

Toronto (TBC)

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