2023 Toronto Mayoral Election

It's our once-in-a-generation chance to elect a progressive, worker-friendly mayor.

Let's make it happen.


Labour Council and community partners are defining key policies for this election. We identified six issues that are topical, progressive, and winnable. We also looked for issues that require cooperation or funding from other governments. With a crowded field of candidates and an election that is likely to produce a winner with less than 50% of the vote, our goal for this campaign is to demonstrate deep and broad support for these issues to strengthen the new mayor’s mandate.

We are asking all mayoral candidates to take these pledges. We'll be updating candidate sign-ons every 24 hours through Election Day

You can help drive these issues forward too, by talking about them, sharing them on social media, and by signing up for one of three Days of Action this June (see our Events page for details).

Reverse TTC Service Cuts

Since the pandemic, TTC service has been cut drastically, with riders waiting longer between vehicles and adding significantly to commute times. Riders on 21 bus routes and two subway lines are facing longer commutes during off-peak and rush hours. Join us and TTC Riders in demanding a return to pre-pandemic TTC service levels.

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Transit Day of Action: Tuesday, June 6


Build More Deeply Affordable Housing

The City stopped building housing for regular people decades ago. It's time to recognize that the market will not fill the demand for deeply affordable housing.

Join us, Progress Toronto, and Toronto ACORN to get commitment on building more affordable housing, including social, co-op, and "rent-geared-to-income" units.

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Housing Day of Action: Monday, June 5


Invest In & Improve Our Green Spaces to Fight Climate Change

More green space, parks, and urban forests will help absorb water, reduce carbon emissions, and protect residents as climate change accelerates and intensifies heatwaves and other extreme weather events. We need to expand local community access to parks, shade, and green spaces, and to expand access to critical amenities in public parks.

Join us and Toronto Environmental Alliance in this call.

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Climate Day of Action: Tuesday, June 13


Support Schools as Community Hubs

Schools are the heartbeat of local neighbourhoods. They help define our geographies and are gathering spaces for all ages. We need schools to stay local. And, we need better access to social services, recreation programs, and more. The City and school boards can work together to build stronger local communities. With Social Planning Toronto and The SPACE Coalition, we call on candidates to support schools as community hubs.

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Stand Up Against Hate

Toronto is proudly one of the most diverse cities in the world. We welcome people of all ethnic backgrounds, languages, religions, and sexualities. The mayor of Toronto has a responsibility to stand against hate in all its forms. Together with Urban Alliance on Race Relations, we ask all candidates to commit to denouncing hate and hate groups.

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Support the Labour Day Parade

For 152 years, workers have taken to the streets to demonstrate our collective power and to fight for better working conditions for all. For most of our history, our right to march has been understood and supported by the City. With the Central Ontario Building Trades, we demand a commitment to protecting and supporting the Labour Day Parade.

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Issues at a Glance


Voters across the spectrum support progressive policy solutions to Toronto’s most pressing issues, including raising taxes in order to invest in public services. A majority of those favouring five of the six top candidates (Bailao, Bradford, Chow, Matlow, and Hunter) say the city should invest in better public services even if it means a small tax increase. A plurality of Saunders’ supporters agree as well.

The Labour Council poll surveyed 1001 respondents over the age of 18 via online panel between May 2 and 11, 2023. Environics Research designed and conducted the survey for the Toronto & York Region Labour Council.

 Participants identified their top three issues of municipal concern as: 

  1. Affordability of day to day life
  2. Crime and Public Safety
  3. Housing.







In the lead up to the Toronto By-Elections on June 26th, the Labour Council will be hosting multiple Days of Action with community partners.

More details will become available soon - check back for more!



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