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- Tell Your MPP: Support Time To Care Bill
- Fund Our Schools: Tell Ford To Make Developers Pay Their Fair Share
- Safe workplaces: speaking out for protections for all
- Canada’s Unions: Join 'Action Week'!
- Register Now: Covid-19: Reality, Resilience & Recovery – Union Women’s Perspectives
- Spotlight on… Alberta workers fight back

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Tomorrow, October 28th, the Time to Care Act, Bill 13, will go to 2nd reading in the Ontario Legislature. The bill would ensure a minimum daily average of 4 hours of hands on care per resident in every long-term care home in the province.

The bill, it’s 4th time in the legislature, reflects the recommendations of the Ministry of Long-Term Care’s own special Advisory Group on staffing in long-term care. The last time it was debated, near the end of the Liberal government’s term, every Conservative MPP voted in favour at 2nd reading.

The COVID-19 pandemic has further exposed just how critical a legislated care standard is. Without it, residents in long-term care homes, the epicenter of the crisis, are more vulnerable than ever.

Our parents and grandparents, and workers in this province’s long-term care homes, need you to vote in support of Bill 13 and make sure they have the Time to Care.

Ford is not acting in good faith. He is hiding his for-profit agenda behind the pandemic while failing to halt an increasingly scary second wave.



For decades our provincial government has let rich Toronto developers off the hook from paying Educational Development Charges (EDCs) that would help fund public schools in disrepair.[1]

Since 1998, developers have gotten away without paying a dollar in EDCs to the Toronto District School Board. In that same time the Toronto Catholic Board collected over $204 million.

All Toronto Schools should be able to collect these funds and use them to repair and expand schools. The pandemic has exposed how our crumbling schools are public health hazards. Toronto's students have lost out on hundreds of millions of dollars in investments to update and repair their schools because of this regulatory loophole.

Help put pressure on the provincial government to change the legislation.


Every worker should feel safe on the job. Yet, we still hear of incidents of violence, racism, and sexual harassment.

Yesterday, SEIU Healthcare and ONA held a rally at Southlake Regional Hospital demanding immediate action to protect their members. Last week, one of the registered nurses attacked by a patient at the hospital, suffering severe wrist injuries. This came less than a week after another violent incident, as well as the hospital being fined $80,000 in connection to an assault in the emergency department last year.

ENOUGH is ENOUGH. All workers deserve a working environment that is free from violence.

Meanwhile, researchers and unions are launching a national survey that aims to gauge the severity and measure the response to violence and harassment in Canada’s workplaces.


In Canada, we’ve weathered the pandemic by sticking together and supporting each other. Let’s take what we learned from the pandemic and prepare for Canada’s future. We need to make sure decision makers will invest in a recovery that benefits everyone.

Set up a meeting with your MP on the week of November 2 to 6, to push for a recovery plan that puts people first. Grab a virtual cup of coffee with your MP. Tell them we need to replace lost jobs with better ones, strengthen public health care and improve our social safety net.

We need to be heard, now more than ever. Meeting with our MPs ensures that we are part of the conversation to influence government plans to rebuild the economy.

Prepare for meeting with a series of helpful fact sheets:

What we're calling for

First time meeting an MP? Join Thursdays’ webinar on lobbying

When: Thursday, October 29
Time: 7:30pm


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Women have been disproportionately affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Please join the Sisters of the Roundtable for a series of four interactive sessions to share our collective experiences and learnings throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond from a gendered perspective.

Taking place every Tuesday night this November from 7:00-8:30pm, you can register for each free session individually. Please note registration closes 24 hours before each event.

Tues., Nov 3 - Our Experiences: Women on the Frontline of a Pandemic
Tues., Nov 10 - Women Confronting Racism & Anti-Black Racism
Tues., Nov 17 - Ending Gender Based Violence
Tues., Nov 24 - A Vision for a Just She-covery


Every week, we will bring you a snapshot of an initiative or organization doing great work within our labour community. 

Our sisters and brothers in Alberta have a fight on their hands. The Conservative government of Jason Kenney is cutting of 11,000 jobs, including laundry services and lab work, mostly through outsourcing to third-party companies. On Monday, a wildcat strike took hold across the province as health-care workers, licensed practical nurses and health-care aides walked off the job to call on the government to hire more staff and reverse job cuts.

The Alberta Labour Relations Board has ruled that health-care workers who walked off the job Monday were engaged in an illegal strike – but did not extend the blame to unions.

Conservative leader Erin O’Toole, made a big deal on Labour Day about honouring workers. But you only have to look at the attacks made by Conservative premiers like Kenney to see how empty words are hiding sinister intentions.






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