Legislate Paid Sick Days!

On November 23, Peggy Sattler’s Stay Home If You Are Sick Act will return once again to the Ontario legislature for debate, this time as Bill 8. If passed, this bill will amend the Employment Standards Act to provide 10 paid sick days, plus 14 additional days during a public health crisis. Once again, we call on the provincial government to pass this legislation as a key measure for ending the spread of COVID-19 and other illnesses through the workplace.

TAKE ACTION: Tell you MPP to vote YES to Bill 8!

In March 2021, Doug Ford’s Conservative Government refused to pass an earlier version of this bill, then Bill 239. Instead, Ford's government provided for three temporary paid sick days.

We will continue to support the paid sick leave campaigns of $15 and Fairness, Decent Work and Health Network, and the Ontario Federation of Labour, and we applaud the retabling of this legislation by the Ontario NDP.

Read our statement: Legislate Paid Sick Days!

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