04 December, 2020 5:16 PM

Solidarity with Tropicana Workers

Toronto's unions call for justice and urge for solidarity with Tropicana Community Services workers. Even as the weather cools and the pandemic worsens, Tropicana management prefers to spend its publicly-funded budget on strike-breakers spreading falsehoods rather than engage with workers’ concerns in good faith. Tropicana workers are deeply committed to serving their community, but after many haven’t see a wage increase in 15 years, it’s time we support them.

We urge the Board of Directors and Municipal, Provincial and Federal elected officials to urgently intervene and ensure management get back to the table and negotiate with the women and men who carry Tropicana’s success.

"This behaviour is a grave disregard of Tropicana's obligations to the Black community” wrote the Coalition for Black Trade Unionists.



Toronto's unions are deeply disappointed to see the turn of events at Tropicana Community Services in recent weeks... We would urge the Board of Directors of Tropicana to ensure that agency returns to the bargaining table with an approach that can bring a resolution to this dispute through a fair contract. Respect for the people who work for you is fundamental to the future success of Tropicana. 

Our full letter of support:


Tropicana Community Services is a long-standing community hub for Toronto's Black community. From after school programs, to daycare and more... Tropicana has transformed many lives thanks to the dedicated staff.

And yet, management has exploited their generosity so far... it has been 15 years since a wage increase. FIFTEEN YEARS.

Now they've asked staff to agree to another THREE YEARS of wage freezes and other clawbacks.

Tropicana is publicly funded. The federal, provincial and city governments should immediately stop this exploitation of Black workers. 

Workers have offered to go back to the table. Management refuse and are spreading lies to break the strike.

"Tropicana is integral to the lives of countless And I am proud to be one of them..." wrote MPP Jill Andrews in her touching personal letter of support

"This behaviour is a grave disregard of Tropicana's obligations to the Black community, of which we are apart," wrote the Coalition for Black Trade Unionists.


Sign the petition: https://tinyurl.com/tropicanastrike

Take action: https://tropicanastrikes.ca/take-action/

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