Labour Council Endorses Kevin Rupasinghe for Scarborough Southwest Councillor

(TORONTO, ONTARIO) – The Toronto & York Region Labour Council is pleased to endorse Kevin Rupasinghe in Toronto’s November 30 municipal by-election in Scarborough Southwest. A community organizer and dedicated campaigner, Kevin will fight for safe streets, affordable housing, community services and a sustainable future for Scarborough. 

“People across the community have an opportunity to elect a Councillor who will bring new energy and a strong voice for working people in Scarborough,” said Andria Babbington, president of the Toronto & York Region Labour Council. “With Kevin, people in Scarborough Southwest can elect a progressive candidate with a vision of a better future.”

The Labour Council interviewed a number of candidates for the position and decided to endorse Kevin based on his strong social values and proven track record of advocacy.

Toronto & York Region Labour Council represents 220,000 union members who work in every sector of the economy.


For more information, please contact:
Yaroslava Avila Montenegro
Communications & Media Relations
Toronto & York Region Labour Council
416-441-3663 ex 1028
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About the Labour Council

The Labour Council is the representative body of labour unions in Toronto and York Region with over 220,000 working people across every sector of the economy. Members include healthcare professionals, education and childcare workers, grocery store clerks, municipal staff, trades people, transit workers, firefighters and paramedics, manufacturing workers, amongst others, who are on the front lines to keep our communities safe. Labour’s policy recommendations are built on decades of ongoing work that encompasses the lived experience of union members and their families, the knowledge of frontline workers, and the lessons from dealing with political decision-makers and working with community allies.

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