May 06, 2020 at 2:00pm - 3:30pm

Voices from the Frontlines - Service Sector

The COVID-19 pandemic is a historic moment, and workers are being seen with a new reverence and respect. We want to make sure we capture our members’ stories, to make sure no one forgets the sacrifices they are making.  That’s why Labour Council, in partnership with the Broadbent Institute, is producing Voices from the Frontline, a 4-part panel series where we pick a theme each week and talk directly to workers on the frontline.

Each event features frontline workers from a given sector (healthcare, service sector, public sector, and social service sector). We’ll be asking them questions such as: What are they seeing on the frontline? Do they feel supported? Why are they doing this work? How is their family dealing with it? And, what kind of toll has this taken on them? Then, we’ll hear from labour leadership about challenges facing the sector as a whole as a result of the pandemic.

The series will be a window into the world of our essential workers: a great way for cross-sectoral learning and building solidarity within our movement.

Episode 2: Frontline Service Sector Workers

Speaker lineup:

  • Josie Barberi, grocery worker (UFCW 1006A)
  • Ivan Ostos, food delivery bike courier (Foodsters United)
  • Gagandeep Kaur, Warehouse Workers Centre (CUPW)

Union leadership speakers are:

  • Glacier Samuel, Union Rep, UFCW 1006A
  • Qaiser Maroof, President, CUPW Toronto
  • Liisa Schofield – Organizer, CUPW
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