The core belief of unions is in solidarity. We want every one of our members to feel they belong, to appreciate the gains that unions have made for working people, and to have a sense of our common purpose. For all of us, fairness matters. Winning union members to embrace those common values is one of the most important tasks we have.

It is in that context that we address the challenge of tackling systemic racism and building stronger unions.

By working together, we can nurture inclusive workplaces and strengthen our shared commitment to our union’s shared values of equality, respect, justice and dignity for all.


Breaking Barriers - Linking Struggles

The video documents the tremendous achievements of labour activists around equity and anti-racism work in Toronto over the last three decades.

United in Fighting Against Anything

After local Dresden businesses refused to comply with the Fair Accommodation Practices Act the same year it was enacted, Ruth Malloy, Bromley Armstrong, and other activists from the Toronto-based Joint Labour Committee for Human Rights conducted sit-ins in Dresden restaurants, testing the owners' non-compliance with the law, and then using that information to urge Premier Frost to eventually press charges against the restaurant owners.

A Small Corner Where Justice is Happening

Terri Monture from the Canadian Media Guild speaks about her involvement in the labour movement.

Asian Heritage: Agents of Change

The Toronto & York Region Labour Council's Secret Service investigates 5 Asian Canadian Agents of Change.


Yes It Matters

Working together to end systemic racism and create a just Canada for all.

Equity Guide

This workshop outline is meant to be accompanied by the A Leader’s Guide to Strengthen Unions – Moving Beyond Diversity Towards inclusion and Equity.

Challenging Racism + Discrimination

The Labour Movement has a tireless record over many decades of fighting against racism and discrimination in all its forms.

Submission to Anti-Racism Directorate

All equity work points to the need to understand intersectionality of oppression.

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