Yes It Matters



Working together to end systemic racism and create a just Canada for all

Unions in Canada have a proud history of standing up for justice and dignity. Since our unions were first formed, working people have sought a collective voice in the workplace and in society. We have found many ways to achieve better wages and working conditions and, most importantly, respect for what we do and who we are. Union members reflect the incredible diversity of Canada, one of our country’s greatest strengths. Our unions benefit tremendously from the wide range of personal experiences, views and histories our members bring. Unfortunately, too many of our sisters and brothers face systemic racism, discrimination and prejudice at work, and in their every day lives. That is simply unacceptable. The Yes, It Matters! campaign – a joint project of the Toronto and York Region Labour Council and Labour Community Services – is intended to help us explore how we think about systemic racism and discrimination our sisters and brothers experience. It also provides you with a plan of engagement to affect positive change. When we are all respected, valued and empowered, we are more engaged in our unions and communities, championing the issues that matter most. The task of shaping a common future – which falls on all of us – is central to the success and longevity of our unions. We look forward to working with you to create a just Canada for all. John Cartwright President Toronto and York Regional Labour Council Faduma Mohamed Executive Director Labour Community Services



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