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To create a deep and lasting social solidarity between labour and community, to achieve a just and equitable society for all.


  • United Way Services¬†(Both in Toronto and York Region): acts as a liaison between
    labour and United Way in support of their annual campaigns.
  • Union Counsellor Program: is a 30 hour designed to provide union members with information to assist their co-workers facing workplace, personal and family problems.
  • Special Projects: establishes a link between the unions and community groups so that we can build stronger and healthier communities.
  • Lifeline Services¬†(Hosted on behalf of United Steelworkers): provides confidential information and referral, in assisting workers and their families to deal with difficult issues in their personal and working lives.
Labour Action
Labour Education Centre


For nearly a quarter of a century the Labour Education Centre has been opening doors for workers.We've opened doors to literacy and language skills for adult learners who've never had the chance before. We've opened doors to employment for those who don't have jobs.

We've also opened doors to help unions and working people build a better life and a better society. If you're finding that all of the doors you encounter are closed, why not contact us at [email protected] or call at (416) 537-6532

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