A Just Recovery

We have been shocked to witness the consequences of underfunding and privatization of public services in the tragic loss of life in long-term care homes.  The pandemic has also exposed what far too many have long known, or experienced first-hand: that economic inequality and systemic racism are painful realities in our country as well as south of the border. 

Here in Ontario, the Ford regime is doing everything possible to avoid concrete steps needed for recovery. Nowhere is the Conservative approach more exposed at this moment than their failure to legislate paid sick time. Mayors, Boards of Health, workers and even some business leaders are calling for paid sick time as a crucial aspect of public health and safety. The terrible toll in long-term care calls out for system change in caring for the elderly, while too many people are finding it impossible to put a roof over their heads. Labour Council positions on recovery for all are linked below.

Nowhere is the Conservative approach more exposed at this moment than their failure to ensure a #SafeSeptember. Parents’ frustration grows, and students and teachers’ safety are put at risk. Instead of investing the money needed to upgrade school facilities and ensure adequate staffing, Ford and Education Minister Lecce have spent their time picking fights with the unions of teachers and education workers, and belittling the efforts of School Boards to address the logistical problems of a system in distress

Read our statement: A Just Recovery for Ontario

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This years' Labour Day was the first time in nearly 150 years that we were no the streets showing our pride in what we do and raising our voices for social and economic justice. But health and safety must come first!  While we missed seeing our sisters and brothers out that first Monday morning in September showing our labour pride, we were thrilled with the launch of our A Just Recovery for All campaign. 

Over 30 local and national affiliates jumped on board and the solidarity shows. See below for the extensive list of activities we endeavoured together. 

It's been a hard year for workers and our communities with Covid-19, the impact of systemic racism and the economic uncertainty facing us all. This year, it's more important than ever to show our union pride, celebrate and speak out for justice. 

Activities Included:


A dynamic variety show featuring the wonderful diversity of Toronto's workers from teachers, nurses, paramedics, construction workers, grocery clerks, public servants, actors and more.




Did you know Toronto inspired the creation of Labour Day? We have created some assets to share that fun facts widely on social media! 


Featuring our participating affiliates and our labour community, the virtual programme will be live along with the virtual parade. Check out our website and social channels to get your copy! 


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