21 February, 2019 11:23 AM

Celebrating Black History Month

Labour Council celebrated Black History month on Thursday February 6th with a tribute to Albert Jackson, Canada’s first Black letter carrier. Jackson fled from the United States on the Underground Railroad and overcame racial discrimination to become Toronto’s first Black letter carrier. A long effort by the Canadian Union of Postal Workers resulted in Canada Post issuing a commemorative stamp with his image. Local musician Brooke Blackburn performed the song “Postman’s Opus” which he wrote to honour Jackson.

As well, Delegates heard about the Black Youth Mentorship program of the Toronto Community Benefits Network, which is linking up skilled tradespeople with young men and women who wish to get into the construction industry. www.next-gen-builders.ca

On Tuesday February 26th Labour Community Services will be holding a Black History Month event at OSSTF offices at 60 Mobile Drive. [email protected]

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