Climate Action

Climate change is real, and the need to tackle it is urgent. We must transform the economy to a model which is sustainable for generations to come. In Canada’s largest urban centre the labour movement is committed to working for climate justice and finding solutions that engage working people in every sector of the economy.

Labour Council participated in a number of actions between September 20 and 27. Read our media release for details and be sure to check out our Facebook album to view lots of great photos from Climate Action Week.

Read our statement on the Climate Emergency passed by Labour Council Delegates on August 1, 2019. After receiving pressure from Labour Council and dozens of other community organizations, Toronto City Council passed a motion declaring a climate emergency and next steps on October 2, 2019.



Take Action!

Attend the Labour Roundtable on Climate Justice

This Roundtable is an opportunity for labour activists who are passionate about climate to come together. We’ll be talking about obstacles, opportunities, and strategies for making inroads in our own labour communities. We know there are no jobs on a dead planet, and we want to be part of the conversation about cutting emissions now. Let’s get our coworkers and unions on board.


Watch and Share This Video

Labour Council was proud to share the stage with IBEW 353 brother Alex Gray, a young electrician who spoke on behalf of labour at the September 27 climate rally.



Find Out How You Can Be Working Green

The Labour Education Centre's "Working Green" program takes a research and action approach to climate change. Take advantage of offerings for activists, request a presentation at your union, or get support for setting up a Joint Management/Labour Committee on Climate Action.


Get Your Greenprint Guide


Toronto - Canada's largest urban centre - is an amazingly complex and sophisticated space.  The Greenprint for Greater Toronto outlines effective action to reduce carbon emissions in every sector of the economy. Every one of us has a part to play.


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Download our social media shareables and let your friends know: If we don't act now, we'll pay more later.

Our Climate Partners


"Time to transition toward a just low-carbon economy""

Op-Ed in The Toronto Star, August 11 2019

"Toward a Just Transition"

By John Cartwright
Expert Perspectives - World Resources Institute


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