Community Solidarity Toronto

To Toronto organizations concerned about convoys in our streets, aggression against health care workers, and inequity allowed to fester in the meantime:

Thanks for agreeing to join us tonight. It’s clear we need to build quickly on the mobilization done by Toronto health workers that brought supporters to the streets on February 5th.

We will have a great group of people and organizations for tonight’s discussion and action planning!  Link for the 4:45 pm meeting is below.

For discussion tonight, we will bring proposals for:

  1. A rally and march this weekend (either Saturday or Sunday, depending on the messy weather we’re about to experience) with great speakers and music too!
  2. An organizing framework of “Community Solidarity Toronto” or “Community Solidarity TO” – take a look at to see what has been established in Ottawa
  3. Collaborative messaging to promote the event, including our determination that the City will be built on social, economic, racial and climate justice; community and worker-focused; protects health care; we take back our city – Please see proposed Message Box below
  4. Holding a press conference on Friday to promote the event with spokespeople representing labour, community, health workers, and youth

Proposed Message Box

Community Solidarity Toronto is a coming together of people of all walks of life to affirm our common determination that, despite the disruptions of recent days, this city and region will be built on values of social, economic, racial and climate justice.

 We reject the politics of division and hate; we honour healthcare workers who have stood so courageously and tirelessly to support other Canadians; we believe deeply in equity, human rights and social solidarity with all communities and all those who work on the front lines and behind the front lines;  we affirm the need for fair, consistent public health measures and a strong foundation of public services for every community; and we believe that every person has the right to decent conditions of work and respect from those who have the most wealth and power in our society. 

All who share this land are valued – we will differ on how to address the impact of the pandemic and deep inequalities within our society, but we must embrace our shared humanity as we strive to secure a fair and just future for all.

 We will be on the streets of Toronto this weekend to challenge those who have created an atmosphere of division and disrespect, particularly those who have subjected healthcare workers to abuse over many months. We will challenge all those in political office who have enabled or supported these disruptive tactics designed to intimidate others. We will challenge those here, and south of our border, whose wealth is being used to create a dangerous political movement that will likely focus its hate on immigrants, indigenous peoples, workers, and equity deserving communities for years to come.

FYI, the Labour Council is preparing a statement about the “convoy” which we can share with you later. In the meantime, here are some statements issued by allies (not an exhaustive list…):

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Lastly, here is a reminder of the link for the 4:45 pm meeting:

        +1 647 374 4685 Canada

Meeting ID: 870 4176 0727

Passcode: 641161

Find your local number:



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