Take Action! Show Solidarity with Frontline Workers

Thousands of workers from many sectors continue to go to work so that we can access the essentials. From emergency services to public transit, food service to warehouse and shipping, your work and your sacrifice is valued. To those workers: we see you, and we thank you.

Share the Love for Essential Workers

Let frontline workers know you're thankful for their efforts and that you care by sharing this artwork on your social media. The image on the left is size-optimized for Facebook. Or, print the flyer and put it in your window.

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Printable Flyer


Supporting our Public Service Workers

While many of us are safe at home, public service workers are still going to work, risking their well-being to keep their communities safe, healthy, and running as close to “normal” as possible. And yet, they still face censure and even attacks from right-wing critics bent on shrinking the size of government at any cost. Read more in this op-ed piece by Mark Hancock, president of CUPE National:

Public Services in a Global Pandemic? Priceless in Toronto Star, Sunday, April 5, 2020

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