Labour Day 2020

This Labour Day is the first time in nearly 150 years that we will not be on the streets showing our pride in what we do and raising our voices for social and economic justice. But health and safety must come first!  While we will miss seeing our sisters and brothers out Monday morning showing our labour pride, we are excited about the launch of our A Just Recovery for All campaign. 

Over 30 local and national affiliates have jumped on board and the solidarity shows. See below for the extensive list of activities we endeavoured together. 

It's been a hard year for workers and our communities with Covid-19, the impact of systemic racism and the economic uncertainty facing us all. This year, it's more important than ever to show our union pride, celebrate and speak out for justice. 



A dynamic variety show featuring the wonderful diversity of Toronto's workers from teachers, nurses, paramedics, construction workers, grocery clerks, public servants, actors and more.


Keep your eyes peeled to catch one of our 130 A Just Recovery for All bus ads across Toronto and York Region. All you have to do is take a photo, post it on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with #JustRecoveryForAll and each week we'll do a draw for a chance to win a spot in the next issue of Labour Action Magazine and other prizes! 



Did you know Toronto inspired the creation of Labour Day? We have created some assets to share that fun facts widely on social media! 


Featuring our participating affiliates and our labour community, the virtual programme will be live along with the virtual parade. Check out our website and social channels to get your copy! 


We are looking for fun and celebratory videos and photos to include in our virtual parade. CLICK HERE FOR A GUIDE TO FILMING VIDEO.

  • Videos and photos featuring our slogan “A Just Recovery For All”

Including, but not limited to, home-made signs, chalk writing, chanting, dancing, hand signs (heart, bicep curl, waving, thumbs up), TikTok length (15 sec) of fun/funny sketch, or cheering “A Just Recovery for All”

  • Demonstrations of YOUR excellent work
    1. In situation action shots
    2. Teams working together

N.B. Please try to avoid too many static desk shots

  • Thank you messages to workers and their families
  • Social media posts answering the question(s):
    1. “What is a just recovery for all?”
    2. “What makes you proud of your job?”
    3. “Why does labour matter?


Email all content to: [email protected]

Deadline: Friday, August 28th 

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