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In this weeks' Toronto & York Region Labour Council news: 

- Ford Conservatives fail Ontarians again

- Coming Up: Lobby Week – Canada Plan

- Canada’s unions support Mi’kmaq treaty rights

- Register Now: Covid-19: Reality, Resilience & Recovery

- SPOTLIGHT ON… Action Anniversaries

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Instead of focusing on safe and healthy schools and communities, the Conservative government is proposing legislation that will:

  • Protect for-profit health care providers from legal liability for failing to stop Covid-19 outbreaks
  • Undermine current hiring practices in education that emphasize qualification and experience for teachers

All the while blaming Ontarians for failing to get tested for Covid-19 weeks after condemning asymptomatic patients for stacking the queues.

We need to get occasional teachers into the classroom using a fair system that ensures kids are being taught by qualified and experienced educators. We need accountability for the families grieving loved ones.

Ford is not acting in good faith. He is hiding his for-profit agenda behind the pandemic while failing to halt an increasingly scary second wave.



We need Ottawa to listen to you, not powerful lobby groups.

While you're working hard to get through this pandemic in Toronto and York Region, special interest groups are getting face time with political leaders. You deserve the same - if not more - attention from elected officials.

We’ve got a plan to take back that power – are you in?

During the week of November 2 to 6, Labour Council activists are scheduling virtual meetings with their Members of Parliament.

Tell your friends to sign up for lobby days!

Our demands are clear. We are asking the government to include a plan that replaces lost jobs with better ones, strengthens public health care and improves our social safety net in Toronto and York Region.

If you’ve never done this before, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Once you sign up for lobby days, we’ll send you easy-to-follow instructions to help you every step of the way


Canada’s unions are condemning the illegal efforts of non-Indigenous fishers to sabotage the inherent rights of the Mi’kmaq people to hunt, fish and gather off the coast of Nova Scotia, and are calling on the federal government to take immediate action to end the racist violence and uphold their treaty rights. In a statement from the Canadian Labour Congress, President Hassan Yussuf said:

“We are appalled and outraged by the relentless attempts to disrupt and undermine the Mi’kmaq fisher fleets and their right to a moderate livelihood as guaranteed by the Supreme Court of Canada… [the] troubling reports of the RCMP’s failure to protect the Mi’kmaq people, further entrenches a relationship of distrust between Indigenous communities and law enforcement. This points to systemic racism that cannot be left to stand.”

Want to know more about what’s really at play? The Council of Canadians provides an insightful analysis of how the corporate influences at play set the stage for violent conflict.


Women have been disproportionately affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Please join the Sisters of the Roundtable for a series of four interactive sessions to share our collective experiences and learnings throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond from a gendered perspective.

Taking place every Tuesday night this November from 7:00-8:30pm, you can register for each free session individually. Please note registration closes 24 hours before each event.

Tues., Nov 3 - Our Experiences: Women on the Frontline of a Pandemic
Tues., Nov 10 - Women Confronting Racism & Anti-Black Racism
Tues., Nov 17 - Ending Gender Based Violence
Tues., Nov 24 - A Vision for a Just She-covery

Register here!




Every week, we will bring you a snapshot of an initiative or organization doing great work within our labour community. 

1996: Metro Days of Action

Beginning October 25th, 1996, the people of Toronto took to the street in the Metro Days of Action. Organized by a broad coalition of labour unions and grassroots activists from across Ontario, the rolling  series of strikes and protests aimed at fighting back against Conservative Premier Mike Harris and his "Common Sense Revolution."  The energy of the Toronto Days of Action is captured in a music video featuring Billy Bragg, Bruce Cockburn, Lilian Allen and more in "Resistance in Concert: Metro Days of Action"


2010: Justice & G20 Protests

This week the police finally apologized - more than a decade has passed since the largest mass arrest in Canadian history and gross violation of civil rights occurred on Toronto streets. This summer, in response to legal action, the Toronto Police Service paid $16.5 million to the people who were arrested and detained during the G20 summit in 2010. As part of the settlement, Toronto police must publicly acknowledge the mass arrests and the conditions in which people were detained. We still believe those actions, and the secret adoption by the Ontario Cabinet of extraordinary regulations for arrest, set a dangerous precedent for abuse of power and erosion of civil liberties

2019: Doug Ford’s Office Occupied

One year ago today, Labour Council alongside $15 and fairness occupied Doug Ford's office to demand action to protect temp agency workers. Ford refused to enact a life-saving law that already exists and needs only a signature, and instead the occupiers were arrested, including our own Susan McMurray. One year later, the legislation still sits in limbo while temporary workers face even more dangerous work conditions with Covid-19.









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