December 19, 2020 at 12:00pm - 1:30pm

Rally for Tropicana Workers

Tropicana Workers: Fair Deal before Christmas Rally

Minister Ahmed Hussens’ office

Saturday, December 18 at 12:00pm

48 Rosemount Avenue Unit B M9N 3B3



  • Toronto’s unions are asking MPs to step in and ensure Tropicana fulfills its duty to the Black community and reach fair deal with striking staff before Christmas.
  • Some employees, including 30-year veteran Sylvia Waldron, hasn’t seen a wage increase in 15 years
  • 50 Tropicana staff have been on strike since November 9th. They have asked for a 1% wage hike a year for three years, enroll the staff in SEIU’s multi-employer benefit plan (more entitlements for same cost by employer)
  • Before storming out of mediation, Tropicana management offered claw-backs on paid time off, further years of wage freezes for most workers, and cutbacks to benefits and wages for new employees. That’s a net decrease in current compensation 
  • Tropicana Community Services is a charity with a mission to serve disadvantaged youth and their families, particularly those from the Caribbean – 85% of their revenue is from public funds (municipal, provincial, federal grants)
  • Tropicana Community Services was chosen to distribute the funds to Black-led not-for-profit organizations from all regions of Canada to “supports members of the Black community”
    • Then why is Tropicana’s Labour consultant – hired to negotiate with the union – posting tweets like this:





48 Rosemount Avenue Unit B M9N 3B3

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