13 February, 2023 3:04 PM

Statement on the Resignation of John Tory as Mayor

In light of last week’s revelations about John Tory’s affair, its workplace setting, and his subsequent resignation, the Toronto & York Region Labour Council is issuing the following statement:

Toronto badly needs stable, democratic, and progressive leadership—right now. In the last four months, the introduction of extra-strong mayor powers at John Tory’s request has had a destabilizing effect on City Council as an institution. The centralization of power in the mayor’s office has wreaked havoc on the City Budget process and, particularly, on the community's ability to participate meaningfully.

Meanwhile, Toronto is experiencing multiple emergencies that need urgent attention: the shelter access and housing affordability crisis, the public safety crisis, and the climate crisis, to name the most prominent. These issues will not wait for this political crisis to be resolved.

The Labour Council calls on John Tory to formally resign his office immediately, and for Council to initiate steps towards a by-election as soon as possible. Let’s get back to democratic governance. That means open, fair, and timely elections. It means transparent and appropriate distribution of electoral power. It means respect for majority votes.

Working people are feeling squeezed right now. They want leadership they can trust to make Toronto a livable city for all. They want to know that they can get to work and school safely, that child care and recreation will be available when they need it, that Toronto’s deterioration can be reversed, that they can enjoy the pleasures of life in a big city, regardless of their household income. The Labour Council will continue to press all municipal leaders and aspiring leaders to commit to progressive solutions for these issues through transparent, democratic governance at City Hall.



If you need to get a pdf file of our statement, please click here

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