04 June, 2021 11:08 AM

Watch the Inauguration of Andria Babbington

Andria Babbington made history when she became the next president of the Toronto & York Region Labour Council. Click here to watch her inauguration on YouTube.

Andria was sworn in as president of the Toronto and York Region Labour Council at a special virtual event on Thursday, June 3, 2021.

An immigrant to Canada in her youth, Andria joined the labour movement when she began working in the hotel sector in downtown Toronto, where she became chief steward in her hotel at the age of 19 – one of the youngest in her union’s history. Working as a union organizer for many years, Andria played a pivotal role in campaigns like 2006’s Hotel Workers Rising, which raised the living standard across North America for thousands of hospitality workers.

Andria has been on the Labour Council executive board since 2004, serving for eight years as Vice President. As the first woman of colour to sit as President, Andria is committed to fighting for a just economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond; equality and justice for all workers; growing the labour movement by increasing union density; and fighting for climate justice to ensure a future for our children.

We are thrilled to officially swear Andria in as the next President of the Toronto & York Region Labour Council at our next Delegates Meeting tomorrow at 7:30 pm. Congratulations, Andria!

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