The Fight for Education

There are times in life when you have to stand up for what you believe in.

Across Ontario, teachers and education workers are doing just that – standing up to the bullies at Queen’s Park who want to undermine the quality of education in this province.


Read our February statement: Stand with Teachers & Education Workers

The Conservatives are imposing increased class size in Grades 4 through 12, resulting in poorer learning conditions, the loss of thousands of teaching positions, and a reduction in the programs available for current and future students. They want mandatory e-learning to replace classroom teaching. And, they are cutting back on supports for students with special needs. 

These are the issues at stake as teachers and education workers take job action.

The Conservative government is making deep cuts to education and social services in order to pay for tax breaks for corporations and wealthy individuals. That agenda is guaranteed to lead to turmoil and disruption – and every community will be affected.

It’s time for the Conservatives to bargain in good faith and abandon their approach of half-truths and confrontation. It’s time for everyone in Ontario to tell this government that it is wrong.

Working families know why we support teachers and education workers. We all want quality education that will give every student what they need to succeed.

Take Action!

Let Everyone Know You Stand With Teachers

View the full album, including a graphic for more than 30 different professions, on our Facebook Page.


Read & Share Angel Xing's Poem "If You Cut Us Do We Not Bleed?"


Print and Share these Bulletins with your Union


January 2020 Bulletin

December 2019 Bulletin

Join a Picket Near You

We encourage all union members to show their support for education workers on the front line of this fight.

Bargaining updates can be found at:

Other useful links to public-facing sites where you can take action by signing petitions or get in touch with local politicians:


Ontario secondary school teachers are conducting information pickets before and after school and are holding rotating one-day strikes. Download the info flyer in any of 7 languages:

EN (General) | CN (Simp) | CN (Trad) | Farsi | Punjabi | Tamil | Urdu


Join York Communities for Public Education

Labour Council is working with a coalition of York Region students, parent groups, education unions, and community members to advocate for strong public education. The coalition has hosted tailgate-style barbecues in the ridings of key Conservative MPPs, including Minister of Education Stephen Lecce, and a Town Hall event on October 28. Read this fantastic spoken word poem written by Grade 12 student Angel Xing especially for the Town Hall, also published in the Winter 2020 issue of Labour Action. Visit the website to sign up for email updates and to see what's happening!


Stay Informed

Read and share this PressProgress story exposing links between Ford's Conservatives and attack ads paid for by a Vaughan millionaire:
Read our January 15 press release Education Crisis: Déjà Vu All Over Again
Read our April 4, 2019 statement, Protect Public Education

Statement on Cuts to Education

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